Cohort 2019

Interested in machine learning; computational linguistics; speech recognition, with a focus on multilingual and low-resource language perspectives; natural language processing.
Main research interests are (computational) sociolinguistics, ethics in NLP and AI, sociophonetics, language variation and change, language and identity.
Mechanisms of lexical activation, the organisation of the mental lexicon, semantic context, prediction, bi-/multilingualism and computational modelling

Research interests: computational semantics and pragmatics of embodied conversation, in service to interactive task learning.

Research interests are primarily in machine translation (in particular, low resource techniques) and natural language understanding.

Investigating speech synthesis for low-resource languages through multilingual modelling, transfer learning and model adaptation in end-to-end neural network systems.

Research interests cover language generation, machine reading and machine learning, with a particular focus on question generation.

Interested in natural language generation and semantic parsing.

Semantics, prediction, discourse comprehension, neural networks and computational linguistics.
Linguistic emergence, grounding, and evolution. Reinforcement learning, sequence learning, and representation learning. Cognitive, neural, and language modelling.
Research interests: Multilingual dialogue systems, neural machine translation, representation learning.

Low-resource machine translation and scalable parallel corpus creation

Primary interest is in usable security; looking at the privacy implications of voice-controlled interfaces, especially smart speakers, and the social impact of such systems.
Research interests include machine learning, natural language processing, multimodal machine learning, computer vision.
Interests lie in machine learning for speech synthesis and prosody modelling.

Main interests span natural language understanding and generation with a special focus on automatic summarization.