A group of over 60 faculty will serve as PhD supervisors for this Centre for Doctoral Training. We believe that breakthroughs in NLP require an interdisciplinary approach, so our faculty are drawn from Informatics, Linguistics, Psychology, and Design. CDT faculty have attracted international recognition for excellence, with three ACL Fellows, one ACL lifetime achievement award recipient, two IEEE Fellows, four RSE Fellows, two BCS Fellows, two past Presidents of the ACL, one past chair of the Cognitive Science Society, and eight ERC grant holders (five of them current).

Management team

Adam Lopez

CDT Co-director

Frank Keller

CDT Training Coordinator

Ivan Titov

CDT Liaison to the Bayes Centre

Kenneth Heafield

CDT Industry Liaison

Mirella Lapata

CDT Director

Simon King

Liaison to the School of PPLS

Sally Galloway

CDT Coordinator

Natural language processing

Alex Lascarides


Alexandra Birch


Bonnie Webber


Chris Lucas


Henry S Thompson


Johanna Moore


Julian Bradfield


Mark Steedman


Sharon Goldwater


Shay Cohen


Walid Magdy


Frank Keller


Mirella Lapata


Adam Lopez


Ivan Titov


Kenneth Heafield


Spoken language processing

Hiroshi Shimodaira


Junichi Yamagishi


Korin Richmond


Steve Renals


Peter Bell


Catherine Lai


Simon King



Alice Turk


Antonella Sorace


Caroline Heycock


Hannah Rohde


Jennifer Culbertson


James Kirby


Kenny Smith


Lauren Hall-Lew


Rob Truswell


Josef Fruehwald


Geoff Pullum


Wataru Uegaki


Itamar Kastner


Design and Human-Computer Interaction

Benjamin Bach


Ewan Klein


Helen Pain


Kami Vaniea


Maria Wolters


Judy Robertson


Subramanian Ramamoorthy



Alex Doumas


Holly Branigan


Hugh Rabagliati


Martin Corley


Martin Pickering


Patrick Sturt


Neil Bramley


Paul Hoffman


Machine learning and applications involving language

Kobi Gal


Michael Gutmann


Stefano Albrecht


Timothy Hospedales


Vaishak Belle


Laura Sevilla-Lara


Hakan Bilen


Ian Simpson


Tiejun Ma